Badenese potato soup
7,90 €

Fish soup "Fisherman's luck"
9,90 €

delicious fish fillet pieces refmed with Creme double and Pernod

Swiss Sausage Salad
12,50 €

with our mustard dressing, cheese, onions and rich saIad gamish (1)(2)(4)(5)

Sausage salad "à la maison"
10,90 €

with our mustard dressing, onions and rieh salad garnish (1)(2)(4)(5)

Cheese plate
21,70 €

various Freneh ripe cheese varieties with nuts, grapes and a fig and mustard sauce, served with bread, large (approx. 250g)

With homemade dressing (a mayonnaise, yoghurt and mustard dressing) or optionally a vinegar and oil vinaigrette.
We serve fresh farmhouse bread with all salads!


Charity Salad
23,90 €

a mountain offresh garden saIads with slices ofa rump steak roasted in herb butter and a spicy garlic dip   (whereof 1,00 € will go to the benefit ofthe Hegau Youth Foundation in Gailingen. which offers rehabilitation to children and teenagers, who have suffered from a neurotic iIIness, an accident or similar iIlnesses) (1)(3)

Wellness Salad
17,00 €

mixed salad with chicken breast strips fried roasted in red wine herb butter (1)(3)

Goat Cheese Salad
17,90 €

A large mixed salad plate with goat cheese topping on french fries (1)(3)

Salad with Pike Perch Strips
17,50 €

a mountain offresh garden salads with baked pike perch strips, served with herb dip (1)(3)

Large mixed salad
10,90 €


Side salad


With our dishes with recommend a smalI side salad for 3,90 €


Pasta "Salmon"
19,50 €

Tagliatelle with a delicious cream sauce and salmon pieces

Mediterranean Vegetable Plate
14,90 €

a mountain of fresh season vegetables, panned in butter with ajacket potato (2)

"Tagliatelle all Tortuffo"
16,90 €

Tagliatelle in a cream and truffle sauce

Pasta "Ferrari"
20,90 €

Pasta with roasted shrimps in a garlic, chili and cherry tornato sauce, refined with chardonnay

"Stadtgarten Pan"
24,90 €

3 Swabian noodles and vegetables dish with roasted pork fillet medallions on a fine forest mushroom cream sauce (2)

22,90 €

an gratin with champignons and cheese, services with croquettes (2)

Cordon bleu
22,90 €

filled with bacon and cheese, french fries and salad (2)

19,50 €

with french fries and side salad

Cream Schnitzel
20,00 €

Schnitzel on a champignon cream sauce with homemade Swabian noodles and mixed salad

"Ladies plate"
22,90 €

roasted chicken breast with ftesh meditemmean vegetables ofthe season,jaclcet potatoes and herb curd (1)(3)

Beef in small thin slices
28,50 €

with fresh champignons and rösti (fried grated potatoes)

Viennese Schnitzel
27,50 €

with french fries

Beefsteak "à la forest warden" (approx. 250 g)
31,90 €

on a fine cognac and champignon cream sauce, served with Swabian noodles

With our dishes with recommend a small side salad for 3,90 €


Fried heef and onions in gravy (approx. 250g)
32,00 €

with homemade fried onions, served with Swabian noodles (1)(3)

Stadtgarten rump steak (approx. 300g)
34,90 €

on a Malaga pepper sauce with fried potaroes (1)(3)

Garlic steak (approx. 200g)
29,50 €

rump steak with fresh garlic au gratin, serviced with danphine.potatoes (1)(3)

Lady rump steak (approx. 170g)
25,90 €

with homemade herb butter topping, french fries and our homemade garlic dip (1)(3)

Duet of Salmon and Pike Perch Fillet
29,90 €

on lemon and almond butter, served with salted potatos

Pike Perch Fillet
24,90 €

roasted on the skin, served on a orange and pepper sauce with tagliatelle

"Delight for the taste-buds"
25,90 €

Salmon fillet on a saffron sauce with rice and mangetout

Mohr im Hemd
7,90 €

served lukewarm on vanilla sauce and a scoop of ice cream

Apple doughnut
7,90 €

with vanilla sauce and a scoop of ice cream (not available between 14.00 and 17.30 o'clock)

(1) Antioxidant
(2) Pickling Salt
(3) Sodium glutamate
(4) Sulfate
(5) Phosphate